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GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit by Zookki

I was looking for a GoPro accessories kit for a while but couldn’t decide on which one I should get.
Luckily I was sent this one from Zookki with a very big discount in order to review it and share my honest and personal opinions.

The first impression was that I got too many items. The GoPro accessories seem very well made and fit on my Hero camera.
I’ll try to review each of the components individually below.

1 x ZOOKKI Head Strap Mount

I won’t be using this a lot but it’s nice to have. It fits well on any head size due to its adjustable straps. On the interior it has some grip bands so it won’t slide or move. It’s a bit weird to walk with the camera on my head but it feels secure.

1 x ZOOKKI Chest Mount Harness

The harness is one of the most useful things in this accessories kit. Compared to the head mount it gives you access to the camera while using it. It also has adjustable straps and can be resized to fit any body. The plastic mount in the front is a bit big but I guess it has to be in order to safely hold the camera attached. It’s great when riding a bike because the image is more steady when the camera is attached to the body instead of the handlebars.

1 x ZOOKKI Extendable Hand Monopod

The monopod is very light but strong enough to hold the camera. It can only be used for recording videos as there is no way of controlling the camera through this stick.

1 x ZOOKKI Suction Cup Mount

The suction cup works really well. It sticks to any window and remains there. It easily holds the camera’s weight.

1 x ZOOKKI Wrist Strap(Does not include remote control)

This is meant to be used with a remote control. Just a simple strap to be worn on the wrist. It will NOT hold the camera.

1 x ZOOKKI Floating Handle Grip

Another very useful accessory. It will actually keep the GoPro floating and recording underwater while you swim around it. It doubles as a camera handle for other water sports where you move faster and need to have the camera in your hand. It comes with a safety strap which keeps the camera attached to your wrist.

2 x ZOOKKI Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x ZOOKKI Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle
2 x ZOOKKI Surface Quick Release Buckle
2 x ZOOKKI Adapters(1 x long + 1 x short)
4 x ZOOKKI Screws Bolts(3 x long + 1 x short)
All these adapters, buckles and bolts will help you attach the camera to the other GoPro accessories and easily control the angle of shooting.

1 x ZOOKKI Flannel Bag

Nice addition to the kit. I was able to fit inside it most of the GoPro accessories apart from the head and chest mounts.

Overall this kit left me with a good impression I’ll give it a four out of five. I will definitely use most of the accessories in it.
The only downside I can find is that it misses a bicycle handlebar mount.


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