Anker SoundCore 2, Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Christmas Edition

As soon as I’ve opened the Amazon box and saw the beautiful Christmas red package of the Soundcore II I knew I was in for a treat. The packaging itself looks professional and would make any gadget lover happy to receive this as a present. The speaker itself looks and feels very high-end but that’s the quality I always expect from Anker.

Inside the box I found the Soundcore II speaker, the protective case, a charging cable and an audio cable to connect the speaker to older devices that don’t have bluetooth.

The speaker is compact but fairly heavy for its size. That’s a first clue on how good the speaker’s drivers really are. The heavier the magnet, the powerful the sound it produces.

Connecting my mobile phone to the Soundcore II was a breeze. A short tap on the power button of the speaker turned it on straight into pairing mode. My iPhone found it very fast and I only had to click “connect” for the two devices to pair. The big buttons on the top are very easy to click and very responsive.

Small, powerful and wireless

I’ve started Spotify and, for the next 15 minutes, I was totally flabbergasted by the sound that came from this little black box. The Anker Soundcore II is AMAZING!

The sound is very clear and deep. At maximum, it can easily be used for a small party.
More than that, I’ll definitely use this speaker for gaming. It’s also water resistant so it can be used near a pool, in a light rain or at the beach. Although, try not to be a nuisance for the people around you.
My old bluetooth speaker, a Jam Classic 2, doesn’t have a chance against this beast.
Once again I’m extremely happy choosing Anker products instead of expensive brands.
The only downside I could find is that the speaker attracts fingerprints easily.
And if you’ve never heard about Anker, here is a nice story:
When I ordered this product, I’ve spelt my address wrong and the parcel got lost. Anker were kind enough to send me another one, free of any charge, although it was my fault. Top that Apple!

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