Anker PowerCore 5000

The PowerCore 5000 from Anker is a portable battery that can fully charge your smartphone roughly two times.
It has a matte finish and it’s larger in size (10*3cm) than the usual lipstick-sized batteries on the market.

Due to its capacity and size it can make for a good daily emergency battery for everybody.
Since I got it, I don’t take with me the larger 16000mAh portable battery that is much heavier.
I’ll keep that for longer trips only and carry the PowerCore 5000 as an everyday charger.

It has 3 LEDs to indicate the charge level and a button to show the status.
The charging starts as soon as the cable is connected, without the need to press a button.
I particularly like the absence of a flashlight LED that can accidentally light up in you pocket and discharge the battery.
There is only one output port, which has the PowerIQ technology and a power of 2A.
The PowerCore 5000 comes in a nice box with an USB cable and a travel pouch.

The price is a bit higher than other batteries with similar capacity but you know you’ll get a quality product from Anker. I’ve had some dodgy brands batteries and they’ve ended up not being able to hold a charge in a few months after I bought them.

Good size/capacity ratio
Absence of a flashlight LED
Comes with accessories

Matte finish – I don’t find it very touch-friendly.

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