Sports armband

Anker 5-Inch Phone Sports Armband

It is a great companion when running outside or going to gym. I particularly like this sports armband because it won’t slide down my arm and I don’t have to adjust it every five minutes. The key and credit card compartments are very useful as you don’t want to cary things in your pockets when running.

It has a few access holes for earphones both on top and on the bottom so it will fit any phone. The high visibility strip is a nice addition though I’m not using it in the dark.

The overall feeling is of a quality product, and once I strap it to my arm I’m sure I won’t lose anything or drop my phone.

The only downside I’ve experienced with it, was that in a wet/rainy weather some mist formed inside the armband, between the phone and the band’s upper part.

It fits both my iPhone6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 but I don’t think it can hold much bigger devices.

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